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The Pines Vet & Our Clinic

The Pines Vet is an independently owned vet clinic located at Pacific Pines. We’re the little clinic with the BIG heart. When you bring your furry friend into The Pines Vet, you can take comfort that we will put the health of your pet first, always!

Our clinic was purpose built with you and your pet in mind. We have 3 spacious consult rooms and a large waiting area. There is also a side door for cats and nervous pooches. Just let us know ahead of time if you need separate access.

Waiting Area & Reception

The Pines Vet has a large, modern waiting area with plenty of space for all pets great and small! Our friendly and professional team will always be waiting to greet you with a smile.

For cats that need a little more space and dogs that are nervous around other animals, we also have a separate consult room with a side door. Just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare for your furry friend's arrival on 5665 7116.

Treatment & Recovery Area

Our treatment area is where we prepare our patients for anaesthesia and surgery. Minor surgical procedures and dentals are performed out here. Our major surgeries are performed in the dedicated surgery theatre. Patients are closely monitored during their recovery from anaesthesia in this space too.

Our in-house laboratory is at the back of the treatment area and allows us to analyze blood, urine and samples collected for cytology.

Three Consult Rooms

We have three spacious consulting rooms with drop down tables that can be moved out of the way as needed. This room has a dedicated side entry which is perfect for letting our feline patients in and out of the clinic (without having to see dogs!). This room is also used as our good-bye room.

X-Ray Room

We have a dedicated x-ray room that is fitted with a digital x-ray unit. This allows us to take and see our x-rays almost instananteously. Our x-ray machine is connected to our in-house practice management software and all our images are stored in a cloud-based program.

We have a separate ultrasound room which is used for abdominal and thoracic ultrasound as well as ultrasound guided procedures such as needle biopsy and body cavity centesis.

How To Find Us?

The Pines Vet is located at 3/19 Pitcairn Way in Pacific Pines, within the Pines Health complex. We are located next to Pacific Pines Dental and Pacific Pines Medical Centre.

From the street, look out for the vet sign and the big flag!


3/19 Pitcairn Way, Pacfic Pines

5665 7116