Here at The Pines Vet, we offer a complete range of general practice surgical services for your pets. Some of the more common procedures we are able to provide include:

      • Wound repair
      • Lump removals
      • Removal of hind dew claws
      • Hernia correction
      • Entropion correction (this is when a pet’s eyelids are too loose, causing issues such as hair rubbing on the surface of the eye)
      • Cherry eye correction (this is when a gland in the third eyelid becomes exposed)
      • Aural haematoma surgery (a common complication of ear infections where the flap of the ear fills with blood)
      • Gastrointestinal surgery
      • Removal of bladder stones
      • Surgical biopsies of everything from skin lesions to masses
      • Amputations (from toes to legs!)
      • Enucleation (removal of the eye)
      • Many more!

For all surgical procedures we need to examine your pet to determine what treatment recommendation is best. If required, Veterinary Specialist Service is just 10 minutes south for those pets requiring specialist care.

One service we are very excited to offer is orthopaedic surgeries, performed by a board certified specialist surgeon in our very own clinic. Dr Sue Gibbons BVSc FANZCVS of Specialist Surgical Solutions travels to our clinic regularly to perform several different surgeries, the most common being cruciate ligament repair. This allows your pet to have surgery performed by a specialist, with our veterinary and nursing team managing the anaesthetic, and we are very grateful to Dr Gibbons for working with us to offer this to our valued clients.

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