Yearly health checks and vaccinations are the cornerstone to keeping your pets healthy and disease free! Because pets age so rapidly (up to seven times faster than humans), we recommend annual health checks for dogs and cats under 7 years of age, with senior patients getting 6 monthly visits.

Types of Consultations

We recognise that not all pet concerns are the same. This is why we offer different consultation types based on individual pet needs.
This means you have different options available to you when you make an appointment with us.

Standard Consultation

Our standard consultations are 15-30 minutes long. This is usually enough time to cover a single medical issue or to perform a health check and vaccination. This is our default consultation unless you request otherwise.

Extended Consultation

Our extended consultations are 30-45 minutes long therefore they are naturally more expensive. These are needed for pets with multiple or very complex issues. There is a $22 extended consult fee additionally applied in these cases. 

What does the cost of a consultation include?

The fees for all consultations include a nose to tail examination of your pet. They do not include the cost of medications dispensed, materials used or any other service provided in addition to the consultation. Additional services may include heartworm injections, diagnostic testing, microchipping and arthritis injections.

Euthanasia Appointments

Because of the sensitive nature of these appointments we prefer these to be booked during the quieter parts of our day. Please let our team guide you to the best times to bring your pet in for this procedure.

Questions? Bookings?

Do you have any questions or would you like to book an appointment? Please call us on 07 5665 7116 or email