What's included?

What is Pines Health Unleashed?

Our brand new wellness program "Pines Health Unleashed" is designed to promote proactive and preventative health care for your pets. Preventative health care not only improves your pets quality of life, it can also add to the longevity of it. Prevention is far better (and cheaper) than a cure, and your pet's optimal health and wellness is our primary goal. This program encourages regular check-ups and health screening tests to allow us to identify any nasty health issues EARLY - before they become a major or costly problem. 

What's included in Pines Health Unleashed?



 FREE unlimited consultations †

FREE unlimited anal gland expressions & nail trims

FREE core vaccinations

FREE annual blood test 

FREE annual urine & faecal test

FREE dental checks

† Subject to Fair Use Policy


 $100 desexing discount ††

$150 annual dental discount

20% off food

20% off flea, tick & worming prevention

10% off medications*

10% off services & professional fees

†† Only redeemable for pets under 12 months of age.
*Excludes compounded medication

Why should I sign up?

This plan takes the stress out of visiting the vet frequently. 

    • Consultations costs are waived, meaning you don't have to think twice about organising an appointment for us to check your pet.

    • Regular visits and diagnostic testing also allow us to identify early onset disease, and treat it before it becomes a bigger problem.

    • Dental disease can be easily and consistently monitored, and when a dental procedure is required you receive a $150 discount to help cover the costs.

    • The cost of desexing is reduced by $100, making it easier to afford this important procedure.

    • Discounts are provided on ALL your pet's regular needs:
        • Flea, tick & worming
        • Food
        • Supplements
        • Medications

    • The cost of routine veterinary care is spread out across affordable monthly payments, taking the frustration away from unexpected veterinary bills. Alternatively,  the entire year can be covered in full!

How do I sign up?

If you would like to sign up, click below!